Sara Hosey

Sara Hosey is the author of an academic study of representations of women in popular culture—Home is Where the Hurt Is: Media Depictions of Wives and Mothers—as well as two young adult novels: Iphigenia Murphy and Imagining Elsewhere. Sara’s fiction has also appeared in the Running Wild Press Novella Anthology as well as publications including Cordella Literary and North by Northeast Literary Magazine. Her screenplay adaptation of Iphigenia Murphy was a semifinalist at the Austin Film Festival and came in third place in the Reading Film Fest screenwriting competition. She has a Ph.D. in American Literature and is a professor of English, Creative Writing, and Women and Gender Studies at a New York area community college. She has an 11-year old and a 9-year old and she and her partner are certified foster parents; they recently had a 4-year old foster daughter staying with them.

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