Workshop: Prioritizing Your Craft for Writer Moms, or “Labias to the Wall, Ladies!”

Date: May 14, 2023
Time: 1 – 3 PM EST
Online: Zoom (link provided in advance of course)
Price: $50
Workshop with Lara Ehrlich, host of Writer Mother Monster and author of Animal Wife (Red Hen Press)

Struggling to write? Drowning in a sea of small voices? You are not alone. The more we feel we should be doing, the more inadequate we feel because we can’t possibly do it all. Together, we’ll abandon that myth and share strategies for prioritizing our craft, explore examples set by other fierce writer moms, undertake generative writing exercises, and share our prose (not required). You will leave this workshop energized and armed with a plan for recommitting to your creative work.

As Lyz Lenz said: “You’re not stealing time; that time belongs to you. Take it, and don’t apologize for it, because your contributions to this world matter. You as a full human being matter. Go for it. Balls to the wall—no, labia to the wall, ladies.” Sign up now.